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Advent season and Christmas in Salzburg

The contemplative side of Salzburg

Salzburg is a city full of magic, history and wonderful atmosphere. However, in the advent season and at Christmas our city receives a special magic that captures every visitor: glittering lights, fine scents of gingerbread and Christmas bakery and white snow hoods on the roofs. Enjoy this special time in a special city.


Christmas markets

Stroll through one of Salzburg’s Christmas markets, where you will find Christmas decorations, crafts and handicrafts, home-made products and many opportunities for small gifts. For example, at the Christmas market in front of the Mirabell Palace, just 5 minutes’ walk from our Salzburg hotels IMLAUER Hotel Pitter Salzburg and IMLAUER & Bräu.
Or visit the large Salzburg Advent market around the Salzburg Cathedral. A very special winter and Christmas atmosphere can be found in Hellbrunn Palace, where you will feel between castle buildings and parks the Christmas magic of the city.


Advent singing

Do not miss the visit of an “Advent Singing” in the pre-Christmas time. Probably the most famous Advent singing with traditional Christmas music and carols and an Advent performance takes place in the Great Festival Hall. This year under the title “The blind shepherd”. In addition, many other Advent singings in churches or festive rooms offer a special experience and tune in the season.


Customs and entertainment

Advent and Christmas is a time of folklore in Salzburg. For example, the Krampus Run, which takes place around the 5th and 6th of December. Terrible figures in devilish masks and shaggy robes accompany St. Nicholas and can be heard from afar with their rattling chains and bells.
If you prefer a more relaxed approach, visit winter festival in the Volksgarten, which is taking place for the 16th time this year and offers fascinating attractions of international circus artists.


Christmas in Salzburg means being amazed, experiencing, enjoying and being enchanted. Experience how the city turns into a winter wonderland and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the season.


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