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Adventure zoo in Hellbrunn

Hellbrunn Tiergarten is located on the outskirts of Salzburg, just a few metres from the picturesque Schloss Hellbrunn. Approximately 140 types of animal are housed here.

Visiting the bear, the lynx and the wolf

More than 800 wild animals live in the wonderfully landscaped zoo at Hellbrunn. This zoo is located at the foot of the Hellbrunn Mountain on the southern outskirts of Salzburg and is easy to reach by public transport.

The history of Hellbrunn Zoo

The Archbishop’s game park was already installed in 1424 to the south of Salzburg. When construction began on the summer palace at Hellbrunn this game park was integrated into the extensive grounds and further animals such as red deer, rabbits, partridges, tortoises, bears, wolves, lynx, cranes and storks were added. In the course of the century the zoo in Hellbrunn was extended and modernized. Today the animals live in mainly natural conditions in the large enclosures.

A home for threatened species

Monkeys, cheetahs, lions, tortoises, marmots, otters, antelopes, camels, white rhinos and bears live peacefully together at Hellbrunn zoo.

A special highlight for visitors to the Hellbrunn zoo is the feeding of the wild animals that you can experience at the Salzburg zoo. The friendly keepers at the zoo provide extensive information on the animals and their enclosures at this impressive spectacle

A trip to Hellbrunn zoo

Combine your trip to Hellbrunn zoo with a walk through the spectacular park at the Hellbrunn summer palace. A visit to the amusing trick fountains and a tour through the majestic castle of Hellbrunn are certainly worth the trip. You will take wonderful memories back home from Hellbrunn. From the IMLAUER Hotels & Restaurants Hellbrunn can also be reached in approximately 20 minutes by bicycle.

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