For the sake of our environment – Part 2 - IMLAUER Hotels & Restaurants

For the sake of our environment – Part 2

Sustainability and protection of resources

As the bearer of the “Austrian Eco-Label” we are concerned not only with waste prevention and separation, reduction of energy consumption or the use of environmentally friendly products. For us environmental protection also has a great deal to do with sustainability and a careful handling of resources at various levels.


Local and regional companies

An important criterion of sustainability is for us the use of local and regional resources and companies. For example, we are looking for suppliers of fresh products for our restaurants, such as meat, vegetables, etc., among local companies. Our vegetables and fruits as well as the organic eggs are delivered by companies from Salzburg.

In the case of our hotels, we also rely on local providers. All the soap dispensers, hand dryers, paper dispensers, etc. come from the Salzburg company Hagleitner. The company Hagleitner, on the other hand, is also active in environmental protection and offers products that have been awarded the EU-Ecolabel.

In the case of necessary maintenance works in our hotels and restaurants or in the case of construction and renovation works, local companies are also the first point of contact for us.

Thus we want to create added value directly in the region and strengthen regional traditions and cooperation.


The employees as our most important resource

Sustainability and environmental protection are also very important to us when dealing with our employees. On the one hand, this means that our employees are obliged to pay attention to the efficient use of resources and the environmental protection in our daily hotel and restaurant operations.

On the other hand, it also means that it is important for us to pay attention to our employees. A fair and equitable treatment of women and men, as also provided for in the regulations of the Austrian Eco-Label, is the first priority here.


Long-term cooperation

In order to support our workers and employees beyond the company’s borders, a social security fund was established in 2014. This fund, which is fed solely by the owner’s assets, guarantees fast and uncomplicated financial aid, for example in cases of illness in the family.
The staff thanks us with their loyalty. Thus we are very proud that many of them are loyal and more than 25 employees have been working with us in the company for more than 10 years.


Photo: Presentation of an award from the Umwelt Service Salzburg 2015