For the sake of our environment – Part 3 - IMLAUER Hotels & Restaurants

For the sake of our environment – Part 3

Our green restaurants

In the last two parts of this series, we have shown you the various measures we have set for environmental protection and sustainability in our operations. Our three Salzburg restaurants, the Braurestaurant IMLAUER, the PitterKeller and the IMLAUER Sky – bar & restaurant have also received the “Austrian Eco – label”. Today we show you some eco-friendly measures that we especially take in our restaurants


Local and seasonal

Of course, we are particularly interested in the regionality and seasonality of our products. As many products as possible are purchased locally. We attach great importance to the use of meat from Austria. We also strive to offer dishes with seasonal products with regularly varying menus. The food is freshly prepared and no finished products are used.
We also attach great importance to the quality of the products. All eggs used in our restaurants come from free-range farming.


Collecting and separating

Not all our measures for environmental protection can be recognized by our guests at the freshness and taste of the dishes. There are also many measures that run in the background. Thus, used cooking oil is collected in all restaurants and delivered to the company “Ölwert GmbH”. There, the used cooking oil is disposed of or processed into eco-diesel. In this way, we alone contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide of several tonnes every year.

In addition to collecting old cooking oil, of course, waste separation is just as important for the restaurants as for our hotels. Our employees are regularly trained so that the separation and collection of garbage can function properly.


Portion packs

As stipulated by the regulations of the “Austrian Eco-Label”, we have minimized the use of portion packs in our restaurants. These include, for example, the sugar and cream packs for coffee, which we have replaced with sugar sprinkler and cream jugs. In this way, we contribute to the reduction of garbage and preserve our environment.