For the sake of our environment – Part 4 - IMLAUER Hotels & Restaurants

For the sake of our environment – Part 4

A green hotel and event center

In the year 2014, we completed extensive renovation work at the hotel IMLAUER Hotel Pitter Salzburg and established a new event center. The Pitter Event Center with the Pittersaal with 450 m² is the new jewel among the Salzburg event centers. During the renovation and construction work, the use of environmentally friendly techniques has been set.


State-of-the-art eco-friendly technology

In the course of the reconstruction, the 6th floor was newly built and now contains the IMLAUER Sky & Bar & Restaurant with the accompanying kitchen and also a fitness and sauna area. This floor is heated by a heat pump, which generates the necessary energy from the waste heat of all the bathrooms in the hotel.
The floors in the Pitter Event Center and in all public areas of the hotel are heated with a floor heating system with low temperature, which also saves energy.
The entire hotel is equipped with LED savings lights. In terms of sustainability, it was important to us that we employ local companies for the different parts in the renovation and construction works.


Creative solutions for the protection of the environment

The Pitter hotel has a total of eight floors (including ground floor and basement) and has several elevators. In order to be able to operate these as energy-saving as possible, a braking force generation is used. The energy required by the lifts for braking is converted and used for the lifting energy of the elevators.
An equally creative solution, which is known nowadays, has been used for the insulation of the outer facade. Instead of the conventional insulation materials, we used a biological hemp insulation in the case of the hotel Pitter, which also achieves better results than many conventional insulation.


For a healthier environment

Environmental protection and sustainability are very important to us. For our ongoing efforts to protect the environment, we have received the Austrian Eco-label for all our hotels and restaurants in Vienna and Salzburg in 2015.
For the IMLAUER Hotel Pitter Salzburg alone, we were able to save one third of the heating and general energy costs through the various measures, although the house was enlarged by an additional floor and an event center. With the thermal renovation we relieve our climate annually by 227.56 tons of carbon dioxide