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Kapuzinergruft Vienna

The last resting place of the Austrian monarchs.
Under the church Kapuzinerkirche in the centre of Vienna is the place where the mortal remains of the Habsburg Emperor were buried. Visit the magnificent Kapuzinergruft crypt and dive into the past of a great house.


The Emperor’s crypt, also known as Kapuzinergruft Vienna, is where the members of this ruling Austrian family were laid to rest. The crypt has been in use since 1633 and a total of 146 aristocrats are buried here. 12 Emperors and 19 Empresses and Queens were laid to rest here in the course of the centuries.


When you visit the crypt you can admire the spectacular casket of Maria Theresia and her husband. The casked was created by Balthasar Ferdinand Moll in 1754. This sculptor worked at the court of Maria Theresia. The monumental place of rest he created is more than two metres long and three metres wide. Inspect the artful reliefs on the side of the cask that depict the life of the ruling couple. The cover shows both in life size for eternity.


Interesting facts about the Kapuzinergruft

Discover interesting details about the burial rituals of the Habsburgs. For example the body, innards and heart were buried separately as prescribed by the burial ceremony. The Kapuzinergruft Vienna offers an impressive glimpse into the attempts of the Emperors to immortalise themselves and thus remain in memory for eternity. At the Kapuzinergruft Vienna they doubtless succeeded.

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