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Salzburg Cathedral

A giant in the heart of the old town of Salzburg: The construction of Salzburg cathedral in 774 by Bishop Virgil was a structural monument to the hegemony of the church and is still considered one of the greatest sacred buildings north of the Alps today.
The cathedral stands still and powerful in the old town of Salzburg. But the appearance of the cathedral today is different to the appearance given to it by Bishop Virgil. As part of the investiture controversy Kaiser Friedrich Barbarossa placed an imperial ban on Salzburg and had the city burned down with its cathedral.

It was only in 1181, when peace returned to the city on the Salzach, that the cathedral was rebuilt in Salzburg, until a fire damaged the building again in the 16th Century. In 1614 Bishop Markus Sittikus commissioned his court architect Santino Solari with the reconstruction of Salzburg Cathedral. 14 years later the first baroque sacral building north of the Alps was completed under Bishop Paris Lodron. The epitaphs next to the high altar still testify Lodron and Sittikus as the building’s creators.

don’t miss seeing the historical font where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was christened and that is older than the cathedral itself. Joseph Mohr, who wrote the Christmas song ‘Silent Night’, was also christened at the font of Salzburg Cathedral.

The Cathedral as a backdrop for Everyman

Everyman, the story of the life and death of the rich man, opened the first Salzburg Festival in 1922. Max Reinhardt did not want to direct this piece by Hugo von Hofmannsthal anywhere else but in front of the baroque facade of Salzburg Cathedral. A decision that has proven to be a stroke of luck to this day.

If you would like to experience how the fascinating sound of the organ unfolds inside this magnificent baroque building then you need to attend a mass at the cathedral in Salzburg.

You can reach the cathedral in approximately 15 minutes by foot from the Hotel IMLAUER Hotel Pitter Salzburg or the Hotels IMLAUER & Bräu.