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The Gilded Hoods‘ Group of Salzburg

Events in the IMLAUER & Bräu

In the function rooms of our hotel IMLAUER & Bräu and the Braurestaurant IMLAUER, we are always happy to be able to organize interesting seminars, festivities and events. A group that has belonged to our regular guests for many years and to which we are always looking forward to, is the Gilded Hoods‘ Group of Salzburg. The group exists already for more than 60 years, and also includes a dance group and a choir.


Customs and Traditions

The Gilded Hoods’ Group is mainly concerned with the preservation of customs, but also with a general friendly coexistence and mutuality. Thus, the association is always active in charity and has made many donations in its long-standing existence. It was particularly nice to see at this year’s annual general meeting, that the next generation is already in existence.


The gilded hoods

The central activities of the association are the production of the traditional gilded hoods, the transfer of knowledge to the production of these precious costumes and the presentation of the costumes and hoods at customs and church events. In the 19th century, the gilded hoods were a common feature of the costumes of Salzburg’s citizens’ women and are still today proudly worn by the members of the gilded hoods’ group. Many working hours are in the making of the gilded hoods – but the result is wonderful to look at.


We would like to thank the members of the Gilded Hoods’ Group of Salzburg for their loyalty and for making this small report possible. We look forward to many years of good cooperation and wish the club all the best for the future.

Goldhaubengruppe der Mozartstadt Salzburg (c) Juia Weber

Photos: Gilded Hoods’ Group of Salzburg © Julia Weber