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The Residence of the Prince Archbishop in Salzburg

200 years of the history of style – from renaissance to baroque to classicism – can be seen in valuable relics such as frescos, paintings, ceramic ovens and watches.
The prince archbishop’s residence was already one of the most feudalist sites in the German-speaking world in baroque times. Admiration and awe fills the visitor to the fabulous rooms at the Salzburg residence.

The former residence of the prince archbishops is probably the most famous building in the old town of Salzburg besides the cathedral. A bishop’s court stood here since ca. 1120. The buildings were converted several times in the 15th and 16th century. The current structure dates back to Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich who had the residence rebuilt around 1600. This measure saw the construction of the wing on Residenzplatz and Domplatz with the Carabinierisaal, the connecting section to the Franziskanerkirche with the western arcades, which span the Franziskanergasse and the so-called “Dietrichsruh”.

This former event venue seems to be ideal for your next special event, whether this is a fabulous private party or a representative corporate event. Get carried awy into the time of the great Archbishops and feudal dinners. Our banqueting service would be pleased to serve you and your guests with a princely offer.