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The Spanish Riding School in Vienna

Lipizzan stallions and the sound of the waltz: The art of dressage in Vienna

You can enjoy the very best of horse riding at the Hofburg. The world famous Spanish riding school in Vienna is not only known to horse fans. Experience the renowned Lipizzan stallions live!

Riding really can be art. No other horses are as elegant, as graceful and as precise as the Lipizzan stallions. The Spanish riding school in Vienna is an internationally recognised advertisement for acrobatic riding. This is the only place where classical riding is learned and maintained in the same way as in the renaissance. Marvel at how precisely the elegant animals move to the music.


Visit the Spanish Riding School

Tricks like pirouettes or caprioles are part of the repertoire of the world renowned Lipizzan stallions and are sure to astonish and delight the audience.

A performance as part of a gala by the Spanish Riding School is the very height of this art. See perfectly executed pas de deux, the ‘school above the earth’, work on the hand and as the highlight the ‘large quadrille’. The latter is ridden on eight stallions.

The interaction of horse and man

The Lipizzan stallions are the oldest culture horse race in Europe. Their appearance is characteristic: The Baroque type bodies reflect strength and grace. These proud animals begin their training at the age of four. After four to six years the horses then master the art of dressage. But it is not only the horses that require years of training, the riders are also challenged every day to manage the animal.


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