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The summer residence at Hellbrunn – an architectural jewel on the outskirts of Salzburg

Hellbrunn is Salzburg’s most idyllic and happiest location. Come here to get an impression of what the baroque prince archbishops did for fun. Hellbrunn also has spacious gardens and elegant trick fountains.
Summer palaces were in fashion in the 17th century. But at that time enjoyment and relaxation at the summer palace in Park Hellbrunn was restricted to the Prince Archbishops of Salzburg and their entourages. As a lover of Italian art Markus Sittikus commissioned Santino Solari in 1612 to build him a summer residence that was as glittering and splendid as those in southern Europe. The result is gratifying: the park at Hellbrunn is surrounded by a wall like a jewel by its setting. 60 hectares for relaxation and strolls with the wonderful summer palace at Hellbrunn at the centre in joyous yellow that is a wonderful background for your loveliest holiday photos.

The name Hellbrunn means, among other things ‘healing spring’. Anyone who visits this impressive park will understand why. Besides a Kneipp landscape, the water tricks and many ponds the park also offers the sporty a wonderful place to train. Walking, jogging, Nordic walking or yoga: at Hellbrunn there is space to express yourself.

Refreshing love of life

The element water, renaissance architecture and the partially unspoiled nature combine to form an inspiring unit. Water played an important role from the beginning in the construction of Hellbrunn. The many springs on Hellbrunn mountain give the impressive and yet modest property bubbling life. Hidden in the shade of bushes and trees the water springs from unexpected hiding places and the world-famous trick fountains have been at the heart of enjoyment at Hellbrunn for almost 400 years. Today you can enjoy what the Archbishops so enjoyed in a fashion that has hardly changed: hidden grottos, water-powered figures and fountains around Schloss Hellbrunn.