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Tours and guided tours in Salzburg

The Sound of Music, Mozart and luxurious trips by Fiaker: enjoy the beauty of Salzburg alone or as part of an interesting guided tour.
Discover the beauty of the city of Salzburg alone or on an interesting guided tour. Our reception staff is happy to advise you when planning tours or guided tours.

Just a few meters from the IMLAUER Hotel Pitter Salzburg you will find the meeting point for many attractive guided tours in Salzburg

Guided tours in Salzburg

The historical old town will impress you with its old town houses and many sights. Taking part in a guided tour allows you to see the cultural city from a total new angle as not all the beauty of the UNESCO world cultural heritage site is visible at first glance. Enjoy the fabulous impressions and discover more about the history and special features of Salzburg.

A Fiaker carriage ride through the old town is a very special experience. Your carriage driver will be pleased to tell you many interesting stories about the honorable city of Mozart on your tour! Allow yourself to sink back into long time ago where the Mozart Family, the Archbishop Wolf Dietrich or Paracelsus still rode through the alleys on horseback or took a carriage past the wonderful churches.

Tours in Salzburg and the surroundings

Numerous interesting tours leave the city of Salzburg every day. The tour program includes city tours with various points of focus such as Salzkammergut tours, trips to Berchtesgaden, trips to the ice caves in Werfen and many more. One of the most popular tours in Salzburg is the Sound of Music Tour. Go with a Salzburg guide to visit the most beautiful sights from the film but also the historical features of the city of Salzburg.

A tour in Salzburg is the fastest way to see all the historical, architectural and modern sights in the city. Then relax at the PitterKeller or at the typical Braurestaurant IMLAUER to round off a successful holiday day in Salzburg!