1. Prices
All prices are given in EURO; including the current Austrian value added tax (10% resp. 20%). All taxes and adaptations of prices due to changes in the law shall be borne by the client.

2. Payment of invoices
All invoices are payable as soon as they are issued, latest within 10 days of receipt. All invoices are to be paid directly at the hotel. Sending of invoices is not possible below an amount of € 1.000,00.
Payments are to be transferred to the following account: Raiffeisenverband Salzburg IBAN: AT64 3500 0000 0305 8831; Swift (BIC): RVSAAT2S
Should the amounts payable remain outstanding for a period longer than 10 days, the hotel reserves the right, at its option, to charge 1% per month or the highest legal interest on the sum outstanding. All costs incurred by collection will be carried by the organiser.

3. Alterations
Alterations of the rooms reservation, event program or of the number of participants can lead to an adaption of the agreed upon price. As soon as this agreement is executed all alterations agreed between the hotel and the client require written form.

4. Catering
Only the hotel’s own catering services may be employed to offer any type of catering in the hotel, including small refreshments such as coffee, mineral water, fruit juice and the like.
Should the organiser offer his own beverages (with the permission of the hotel management) he must remunerate the hotel to the extent of 50% of its forgone sales on the same beverages, in the absence of any other written agreement.

5. Vacation of the premises
The organiser must vacate the bedrooms and function rooms allocated to him by the agreed deadline. If the organiser is unable to meet the deadline for vacating the premises then the hotel is permitted to have all the organiser’s objects removed at the latter’s expense and risk and to store them with a third party.

6. Advance payments
The advance payments agreed upon are not refundable, unless otherwise stated in this agreement. However, in the event of cancellation by the organiser, should the hotel be in the position to sell the accommodation and function rooms reserved for the organiser to third parties, the amounts collected by the hotel from such sales shall be credited to the client. Advance payments are to be transferred to the following account:
Raiffeisenverband Salzburg; IBAN: AT64 3500 0000 0305 8831; Swift (BIC): RVSAAT2S

7. Use of facilities
Items / decoration material brought in by the client must be approved by the fire police. The organiser is entitled, with the special permission of the hotel management, to introduce objects in the rooms put at his disposal for the purpose of exhibition, presentation, advertisement and demonstration or to use them as media.
Should this be the case, the organiser is required to take every possible precaution to enable the hotel to operate normally and shall refrain from causing damage or inconvenience to the building,

its guests or fittings. The organiser promises to refrain from causing damage to the building, together with its furnishings, fittings, installations and equipment in the condition he first found them. He is not permitted to mount fittings for hanging pictures, etc., in walls without the
permission of the hotel management. The organiser is liable to be held responsible for every form of damage, interference and excessive wear and tear that resulted from his use of the hotel’s facilities or from the installation or dismantling of the objects and equipment of exhibitions, irrespective of whether these damages were caused by the organiser himself, his employees, assistants or visitors, and irrespective of whether he is to blame for the said damages.
The organiser is responsible for official approvals, in case of musical entertainment for the registration and billing of the “AKM” (Austrian performing rights society). Sudden on-site set-up and seating-changes will be charged upon extra effort.

8. Relocation
In the unlikely event that IMLAUER Hotel & Restaurant GmbH does not, for any reason have the required number and type of rooms available at the relevant hotel on the required dates as per the booking, IMLAUER Hotel & Restaurant GmbH reserves the right to relocate the Client within the company or to an alternative hotel of a similar standard in the same locality.
If the particular bedroom or function room, which has been booked by the client, is unavailable at the Hotel on the required date as per booking, the hotel reserves the right (without liability) to relocate the client within the company to an alternative room of a similar standard. In general, the same cancellation and reduction conditions apply for IMLAUER Hotel & Restaurant GmbH and the client.

9. Force majeure
“Force majeure” frees both contractual parties, the customer and the hotel, from the contractual responsibilities of this agreement. Force majeure includes: war, military occupation, riot, strike, fire, floods, total collapse of the provision of supplies, total suspension of air traffic (except in the case of adverse climatic conditions and strike), and all of these only when the hotel and its operation are directly affected.

10. Renovations
The hotel points out that renovations might be carried out in part of hotel as well as in the near neighborhood. However, the routine operation of those parts of the hotel not affected by renovation work will continue without interruption. The hotel shall take the necessary steps to ensure that the organiser and hotel guests will not suffer any inconvenience. The hotel does not accept any legal liability or warranty for any damages and claims arising from this construction activity, except in the case of injuries to persons or damages to property caused by intent or gross negligence.

11. Photographer
If the organiser rents his own photographer, the hotel has to be informed accordingly. Retail space for photos has to be approved by the hotel and will be charged. It is strictly forbidden to place tables, stands and hanging panels in escape routes.
Exceptions, as long as they do not harm the safety or ambiance of the hotel, can only be approved by the hotel management.

12. Venue
The venue is Salzburg. It is agreed that the contract is subject to Austrian law.