Available jobs and apprenticeships in Salzburg and Vienna

Apprentices at IMLAUER

As a company firmly rooted in the region, the training of apprentices is particularly important to us. We would like to pass on our love for the gastronomy and hotel industries to the next generation and prepare people optimally for their careers.
The apprenticeship is very important to us! We not only want to convey quality and know-how to host guest, but also to convey the love and cordiality of the gastronomy and hotel industry.

As a service provider in tourism, we have the unique task of looking after our guests during the most lovely time of their lives and getting to know people from different cultures and backgrounds. After completing a training course, the broad field of the profession offers a wide variety of opportunities for advancement and the chance to work anywhere in the world


Restaurant specialist
Gastronomy expert
Hotel and restaurant assistant


Promote graduation with a Matura by providing an additional day off per week.
IMLAUER apprentice initiative
In-house assistance with school problems and difficulties
Varied education through the different offer of IMLAUER Hotels & Restaurants
Individual support for apprentices even after the final apprenticeship exam
Opportunities for advancement within the whole enterprise

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The WKO provides information about the individual apprenticeships

IMLAUER’s apprentice program

With our apprentice program we would like to show our strengths and weaknesses to our young employees and develop goals individually with them. The apprentice can use the personal online access at any time to review the instructions given to her or him and the assessment of the instructor. Every six month, a conversation takes place to work out the progress and other goals. During the apprenticeship, apprentices also attend selected courses at the Wifi (costs are completely covered by the company), which train their professional and personal skills.

The training program runs throughout the entire apprenticeship, is tailored to the individual apprenticeships, and is divided into five categories.
Professional competence
Personal competence
Labour practices
School performance
Graduated courses

For special efforts, such as the completion of a training as a wine sommelier, the apprentice receives additional recognition.

News about our apprentices

Specialists at work – sweet seductions
In the last part of this year’s special series on the apprentice trades in the hotel and restaurant industry, we will introduce you to the special abilities of a pastry chef. Follow us to the sweet seductions and delicious creations.


For two years, it has also been possible to learn the profession of confectioner in the companies of IMLAUER Hotels & Restaurants. Pies, cakes, pasteries and desserts are part of the daily work of pastry chefs. Food science, proper storage of food and produce, various baking and preparation methods, the preparation of recipes and much more is also part of the curriculum for a confectioner apprentice.

Creativity and instinct

Above all, a pastry chef needs a lot of creativity. Not only are old-fashioned desserts to be produced, but also new creations are always presented to the guests. Here you can let your imagination run wild with ingredients, colors and decorations. The presentation plays a particularly important role especially for sweets. The pinnacle of imagination, creativity and skill is the wedding cake that we are sometimes allowed to create for wedding parties in our event rooms.

Salzburg’s most famous dessert

Mainly, the pastry chefs in our companies create the desserts, pies and cakes needed daily. But here, too, there is a highlight that attests to the high art of the pastry chef and requires a lot of sensitivity: Salzburg’s most famous dessert, the Salzburg Nockerl, is eagerly ordered by both locals and tourists from all over the world. Experience plays a big role in ensuring that the three sweet mountains do not collapse.

Apprentices at IMLAUER

If you are interested in an apprenticeship in the hotel and catering industry, then take a look at our homepage to find out about our apprentice program. We accompany our apprentices from education to practical work to finished vocational training. We want to give our apprentices the chance to prove themselves and be true specialists.