IMLAUER Hotel Schloss Pichlarn
works together with many partners so that we can offer our guests a place to feel good and a unique experience. The products of our partner companies are just as important as the people behind them. This time we would like to introduce our floristry partner “

the Pranzl

” to you.

To ensure that your stay with us is also a pleasure for your eyes, cooperation with a florist is essential. Whether table decorations, the embellishment of public areas with fresh flowers, green plants or artistic decorations, or the floral design of special events. Creativity, expertise and commitment are required here.

A long tradition

“Traditional family business with nature-loving floristry”. This is how “der Pranzl” describes himself. And this motto is also practiced here. For company boss Gundi Krainz, what nature gives us is the most beautiful decoration.

The family business was founded in 1950 by the grandfather as a small nursery for lettuce plants in Pürglitz. The site soon became too small and the company moved directly to Irdning, not far from Pichlarn Castle.

The collaboration between the Pranzl family and Schloss Pichlarn began soon after the hotel was founded in 1972. In the second generation, Mr. Pranzl also worked as the hotel’s gardener and was responsible for all the green areas.

Floristry & more

Today, daughter Gundi Krainz and her sister run the business with three employees in the third generation. When you enter the nursery, you immediately notice that a lot of creativity and great ideas are at work here.

This is also evident in “das Glashaus”. The greenhouse was originally used for growing cut flowers. When it became too small, a café with changing (art) exhibitions was created. Today, “das Glashaus” is open every second Friday and Saturday for lunch and dinner. It is catered by the catering team “die Einkocherei” from Aussee. The vegetables for the dishes are grown on the nursery’s premises.

Working in the hotel

Company boss Gundi Krainz appreciates the good cooperation with the hotel. The proximity between the companies, the long tradition and the good communication are important foundations that make the cooperation a success.

Three to four times a week, “der pranzl” comes to the IMLAUER Hotel Schloss Pichlarn to look after the flowers, green plants and decorations. There is a lot to consider here: The quality of the plants used is important to ensure that the decorations last well. The plants must not smell too strong and must not be poisonous under any circumstances.

It is also important to consider which plants thrive in different light conditions. In keeping with the philosophy of our hotel, no plastic should be used for decorations, but seasonal and regional plants should be used where possible.

Tips from the master florist

Who at the IMLAUER Hotel Schloss Pichlarn


is in good hands with the “pranzl”. Company boss Gundi Krainz knows how important it is for the bridal couple to be able to realize their individual wishes. If you want to follow the latest trends, opt for light and airy wedding decorations.

Your cut flowers don’t last long? For Gundi Krainz, the most important thing is hygiene. A freshly washed and clean vase is a basic requirement for long-lasting cut flowers. The water should only cover the stems, never the leaves or flower parts, otherwise there is a risk of rotting. Do not place cut flowers in a vase in direct sunlight and change the water regularly.