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Lake Altaussee © TVB Ausseerland Salzkammergut / Tom Lamm



If you are spending your vacation at the IMLAUER Hotel Schloss Pichlarn and have some time to spare, you should take the opportunity to take a trip to Altaussee. You can reach Altaussee by car in just 40 minutes and have the opportunity to visit various excursion destinations.

The traditional architecture of the houses and the beautifully situated Lake Altaussee invite you to take a stroll. If you decide to take a boat trip on Lake Altaussee, you are guaranteed magnificent views of the surrounding mountain landscape.

For even more views, you can take the Loser panoramic road up the Loser, Altaussee’s local mountain. From autumn 2024, the new panoramic cable car will take you up to an altitude of 1610 meters – completely environmentally friendly.

Altaussee Salt Mine

An exciting excursion destination for all weather conditions and for young and old are the
Salt Worlds in Altaussee
. It is the largest still active salt mine in Austria with a network of tunnels on 18 levels. Hourly guided tours bring you closer to the world of salt and the mine.

First of all, it goes 700 meters deep into the tunnel. Along the way, you will learn interesting facts about salt mining and can admire the various rock formations. Please note: It is constantly around 8° C in the mine. So make sure you bring a warm jacket and good shoes.

Salzwelten Altaussee rock salt layers © Kernmayer

Salzwelten Altaussee exhibition on looted art © Schmid

The tour lasts around 90 minutes, which fly by. You will learn more about the types of salt mining, visit the Barbara Chapel in the mountain and can whizz down two slides into the next tunnel like the miners once did.

The tour also takes you to an exhibition in the mountain, which is dedicated to a special chapter in the history of the mine. During the Second World War, looted art from all over Europe was stored in the mine’s tunnels by the National Socialists. You can find out how these works of art were almost destroyed from exciting stories told by contemporary witnesses and on informative display boards.

The tour ends with a visit to a beautifully designed cave in the mine, which is used for events and will enchant your senses.

Pure nature from the mine

A special feature of the Altaussee salt mine is the extraction of natural salt. This is the only mine in Austria with salt that is so pure that it can be mined without leaching out the rock.

The natural salt is mined by hand and only needs to be cleaned on the surface. It contains over 40 minerals and trace elements, making it particularly valuable.

At the IMLAUER Hotel Schloss Pichlarn we use Altaussee natural salt and refine it with valuable herbs such as thyme, rosemary, coriander and chives. You can also purchase natural salts refined in this way in our store.

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