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The burger has long since shed its bad image as a creation of the fast food industry and has become a true classic of international cuisine. The idea behind the burger is simple and yet ingenious: a bun in two halves, a piece of meat inside and a few other ingredients such as cheese, salad, sauces, etc.

But it’s this mixture that makes the difference. The many variations, the crispy bun, first-class meat and the fresh and imaginative ingredients mean that the burger never gets boring.

Creative and delicious


IMLAUER brewery restaurant

dedicates one of its twelve culinary events to the Stapelmeister every year. This year, chef Adis Balic was inspired by the European Football Championship.

The Austrian version combines the burger with a classic Wiener schnitzel and the German version entices with a pretzel roll, beef and bacon. If you pay particular attention to the cheese in your burger, you shouldn’t miss the Dutchman with Vergeer Holland Cheddar.

The Italian version will definitely give you that vacation feeling: With ciabatta rolls, hearty prosciutto, tomato mozzarella and basil pesto, the dolce vita can also be found in our northern latitudes.

Is your stomach growling already? We also have the Croatian version with flatbread (lepinja), grilled minced meat loaf (pljeskavica) and spicy ajvar. And of course there is also a vegetarian version with delicious baked Emmental cheese and herb salad.

The world of the burger

But do you actually know where the burger comes from? There are various theories and just as many places that claim the origin. However, it is likely that it originates from a Hamburg specialty that German immigrants brought to America in the 19th century.

The record for the world’s biggest burger currently lies in Bavaria. Weighing over 1000 kilograms, a crane was needed to turn the minced steak. The world’s smallest burger, on the other hand, is just the size of a coin.

Probably the most bizarre museum in the world is dedicated to burgers. “Hamburger Harry”, a German emigrant in the USA, has collected over 10,000 objects. Among them are a huge burger bed and a burger Harley.

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