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Anyone who plays golf at Golf & Country Club Schloss Pichlarn will definitely make the acquaintance of Sonja Grieser. She has been the good soul in the golf office for 27 years and has been instrumental in making our guests feel so comfortable. In the golf office, she makes sure that everything runs smoothly and is always ready to listen to our guests.

Sonja Griesser looks after our golfing hotel guests as well as the members of the golf club. Reserving tee times, renting golf cars, organizing tournaments and administrative tasks.

Together with our golf manager, she also represents the

IMLAUER Hotel Schloss Pichlarn

and the

Golf & Country Club Schloss Pichlarn

at trade fairs and looks after apprentices in the golf office, who can benefit from her organizational talent and experience.

The golf season is in full swing. Have there been any interesting tournaments at Golf & Country Club Schloss Pichlarn?

There are many interesting golf tournaments every year. We’ve already had a few major tournaments this year, such as the Sky Golf Cup. Every tournament is interesting in its own right and you always meet new people.

Do you also play in tournaments or are you more of a pleasure golfer?

I am a pleasure golfer. Unfortunately there is not enough time for more. I mainly go and play a few holes with my colleague after work. We have our ladies’ training on Fridays, where we also go to the golf course a few times.

Have you always been interested in golf, or did your enjoyment of golf begin when you started working here?

When I started working at Pichlarn, I had no idea about golf. 22 years ago, I passed the course entrance exam with our head pro Alan Mitchell together with our hotel manager Mrs. Wohlmuther. The golf area is so huge that you learn something new every day. Of course, I can now combine my job with my hobby.

What do you find interesting about golf?

You never stop learning when you play golf. Every day is different. You try to get the small ball into the hole with as few strokes as possible. You reach your limits from time to time.

You have been working in the golf office at Schloss Pichlarn for 27 years and have experienced a lot. What were the biggest changes for you that took place during this time?

In 27 years, I have already witnessed a few changes. Some changes of ownership, directors and managers. Every change has brought some changes, but mainly in the hotel and on the golf course.

Schloss Pichlarn has been part of IMLAUER Hotels & Restaurants since 2021. What do you want for the future?

My hope for the future is that the cooperation with the management will continue to work as well as it has so far and that I will find the time to get to know the other houses. I’ve already had the chance to get to know the Hotel Pitter in Salzburg.

What service do we offer our golf guests?

We offer our guests the service of booking tee times at neighboring clubs. Our hotel guests receive a 20% discount on the daily green fee at the golf clubs in the Schladming Dachstein golf region. We also offer the Golf Alpin Card with 3, 4 or 5 green fees in combination with a hotel stay. These green fees can be played at GC Schladming-Dachstein, GC Fadstadt, GCC Schloss Pichlarn and GLC Ennstal. There are also offers for Golf Unlimited with a hotel stay.

In your work, you will be in close contact with the members of the golf club and the golf guests from the hotel. What do our guests particularly appreciate about the golf course and the hotel?

Our guests appreciate the peace and quiet and the short distance from the hotel to the 1st tee. You don’t need a car, you practically walk from the breakfast table to the first tee. Our guests also appreciate the beautiful sun terrace in Restaurant 19 directly on tee 1.

We offer hotel guests an
annual membership
at the Golf & Country Club Schloss Pichlarn. What are the advantages?

The advantage of the annual membership for hotel guests is that you receive the membership in connection with your hotel stay at a reduced price and therefore the green fee is waived.

In September the
Pichlarner Autumn Golf Week
will take place. What is so special about this golf tournament?

The PIchlarner Autumn Golf Week has already become a tradition. The special thing about this week is that deep friendships have developed over the many years that this golf week has been taking place. The members and guests are looking forward to a week of varied tournaments, with cozy get-togethers and good food.

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