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Did you start this year with good intentions? Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to replenish your energy reserves regularly. Treat yourself, your body and your soul to the relaxation, recuperation and activation you need to achieve all your goals.

The year 2022 is under a special star, or rather planet. Jupiter makes for an exciting and successful year. Whatever you have planned for this year, at the

IMLAUER Hotel Schloss Pichlarn

you can recharge your batteries and relax.

4,500 m² of wellness oasis

await you!

An oasis of relaxation

Immerse yourself in the cozy warmth of our indoor and outdoor pools and just let yourself drift. By letting go mentally and physically, you create space for something new. Try one of our whirlpools and feel how your muscles relax and are gently massaged.

Now you can enjoy the beneficial effects of the water on one of our wonderfully soft loungers. It’s the perfect time to read a great book, power nap or be inspired by the beautiful landscape all around you. If you fancy a refreshment or a snack, you are sure to find something suitable in our Vital Lounge directly in the spa area.

Let go!

A visit to the sauna will help you let go of old and unnecessary things. Here you not only sweat out toxins and activate your circulation. A visit to the sauna is like a little meditation in which you concentrate completely on yourself and the soothing warmth.

Simply choose your favorite sauna or try them all. Steam bath, Finnish sauna, bio sauna, ladies’ sauna and infrared cabin are available for you. Let the warmth permeate you and give yourself over completely to relaxation and reactivation.

Activate body and mind

In between, it can also be a little

be more active

. Recharge your batteries and activate your whole body with a relaxing yoga session, refreshing aqua aerobics, a sweat-inducing fitness workout or a guided winter hike in a beautiful landscape.

If you prefer to be gently activated instead, you can choose from a variety of

massages and wellness and beauty treatments

are available. An Ayurvedic full-body oil massage, a salt and grape seed scrub or would you prefer a honey massage? The choice will not be difficult for you. Just decide from your gut what is good for you right now.

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