When you take a hearty bite of the deliciously fresh bread and pastries from the breakfast buffet in the morning, baker Markus Trafella has already been working with love and craftsmanship in his bakery since midnight.

Because for Markus Trafella, baking bread is a craft. In his bakery in Öblarn and the branch in Irdning, there are neither industrial products nor pre-made baked goods. Everything is freshly prepared – and you can taste it.

Markus Trafella is a trained baker/pastry chef and worked for a long time as a sales specialist for a large bakery. Two years ago, he returned to his roots and took over an existing bakery. With a great deal of innovation and love for his profession, he has managed to convince people of the quality of his products in a very short space of time.

For the perfect start to the day

Every year, around 70 tons of flour are processed in his bakery, including the bread and pastries for the IMLAUER Hotel Schloss Pichlarn. The product range for our hotel is individually tailored to our needs.

Many types of bread for Schoss Pichlarn are made in loaf form, which are easier to cut at the breakfast buffet. Certain varieties or seasonal offers are baked exclusively for our hotel. For example, a spiced bread with fennel or a Styrian nut bread with pumpkin seeds.

To ensure that the bread and pastries develop their full flavor and the crust is crispy and fresh, they are baked on stone slabs at the Trafella bakery.

Regionality and sustainability

As at the IMLAUER Hotel Schloss Pichlarn, sustainability and regionality are not just empty words for our baker. An important project for Markus Trafella is the use of local grain. As a first step, Grimming rye from the region is already being used in the bakery. Other cereals from the region, such as wheat and spelt, are to follow.

The collaboration with a regional bakery also ensures short travel distances, lower CO2 values, simple and personal communication and creative cooperation.

Above all, our guests can rely on first-class quality and great taste. So that your vacation is already an experience at breakfast.