Environmental protection and sustainability are not just empty slogans for us, but a commitment to take measures to protect our environment as part of our work. Since 2015, all IMLAUER Hotels & Restaurants businesses in Salzburg and Vienna have been certified with the “Austrian Ecolabel” and were awarded it again in 2019.

We welcome guests from all over the world to our hotels in Salzburg and Vienna. As is usual in city hotels, there is a quick turnover of guests with a short length of stay. This is one of the reasons why a lot of waste, energy consumption etc. is generated here. We have implemented a number of measures to help protect the environment.

When renovating the IMLAUER HOTEL PITTER Salzburg, care was taken to use organic hemp insulation instead of conventional insulation. An energy recovery system was also installed. In addition, there are many other measures that we implement every day in the interests of our environment.

A “green” room

The fact that hand and bath towels are only changed when they are on the floor has now become established in most hotels. As an additional measure, we have switched from small soap and shampoo packs, which generate an excessive amount of waste, to practical and environmentally friendly refill bottles. Soap and shampoo bottles are now permanently installed at the washbasin and in the shower and can be refilled easily and in an environmentally friendly way.

All lamps in our hotels are fitted with energy-saving light bulbs. All canned drinks have been removed from the minibar and replaced with bottled drinks.

We have also introduced the option of waste separation for all rooms. Guests can separate their waste easily and without much effort. Paper and plastic go in the garbage can in the room and can simply be sorted out by us. The residual waste ends up in the wastepaper basket in the bathroom. Information boards in the rooms inform guests of this in English and German.

Protect and benefit the environment

As a 4-star hotel, it is not always easy to implement environmental protection measures and meet the requirements of a 4-star hotel. That’s why we actively try to involve our guests.

For all those who give up room cleaning for a day and thus help to reduce the consumption of cleaning agents and energy, there is a voucher worth € 5.00 as a small thank you. This can be redeemed for a drink in the bars and restaurants of the respective hotels. A measure that is very successfully accepted by our guests and thus not only helps to protect the environment.

Regional partners

An important criterion of sustainability for us is the use of local and regional resources and businesses. For renovations, we rely on regional companies, such as Voglauer, to furnish the rooms.

All soap dispensers, hand dryers, paper dispensers etc. come from the Salzburg-based company Hagleitner. Hagleitner, on the other hand, is itself active in environmental protection and also offers products that have been awarded the EU Ecolabel. These are just two of our many partners with whom we want to create added value directly in the region and strengthen regional traditions and cooperation.