Modern art is firmly anchored in Vienna. Numerous museums are dedicated to modern and contemporary art. But even outside of enclosed spaces, you can encounter art by the 20. and 21st century.

Whether sculptures, installations or street art. If you keep your eyes open, you can discover a lot. You will find international artists as well as Austrian artists.

Sculptures and installations

If you are in Vienna, perhaps a visit to the Albertina is on your list. Then you should take a closer look at the square next to the Albertina. Here you will find a group of sculptures by the important Austrian sculptor Alfred Hrdlicka. The sculpture “Memorial against War and Fascism” was unveiled in 1988 and primarily commemorates the victims of the Second World War.

Another group of sculptures by an Austrian artist can be found on the Stubenbrücke near the Stadtpark and the Museum für Angewandte Kunst. The “4 Larvae / Lemur Heads” are by Franz West and have been on display here since 2001. The sculptures open up a dialog with the viewer that leads to ever new interpretations. A quote from the Greek …. Heraklits, which the artist also had affixed, allows further interpretations: “To those who climb into the same rivers, new waters always flow and (ever new) souls emerge from the water”.

A sculpture by the English artist Henry Moore is located directly in front of Vienna’s Karlskirche church in the middle of a large pond. The bronze sculpture entitled “Hill Arches” was erected in 1978 and caused quite a stir. It was too modern for the Viennese to stand in front of a baroque church.

Street art and modern designs

Street art is no longer frowned upon and is increasingly becoming an integral part of urban architecture. Artistic graffiti can be admired along the Danube Canal in particular, but also on Yppenplatz, for example. The constantly changing motifs, which also come from internationally renowned street artists, turn the city into a living work of art.

You can already discover street art on the way to our hotels in Vienna. Have you seen it? Take a look around when you are standing in front of house number 20 in Rotensterngasse.

Current art projects, installations and street art in Vienna can be found on the homepage of KÖR – Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Wien. This initiative promotes artistic projects, primarily by local artists.

A further list of modern sculptures and installations in Wein can also be found on the official website of the Vienna Tourist Board.