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Ehrung der Mitarbeiter*innen bei der 25-Jahre-Jubiläumsfeier im Pitter Saal



The IMLAUER Hotels & Restaurants Group was founded 25 years ago by Georg and Ingrid Imlauer and has been an integral part of the hotel and restaurant industry in Salzburg, Vienna and Styria ever since. This year’s anniversary not only marks an unprecedented success story. We are also celebrating a quarter of a century of hospitality, enjoyment and passion for the tourism industry and gastronomy.

The IMLAUER Hotels & Restaurants already have an eventful history behind them, with many changes, challenges and successes. Today, the company has hotels and restaurants in Salzburg, Vienna and Aigen in Styria and around 480 employees.

Success factor “family business” & employees

Quality, a high level of service and genuine hospitality are among the core values that characterize IMLAUER Hotels & Restaurants. “For us, every establishment is something special and we make sure that each one retains its own identity and charm,” emphasizes Georg Imlauer. The fact that the company is a family business through and through plays a large part in its success.

Over the past 25 years, investments have not only been made in the companies, but also in the employees. Apprentice training has always been a special concern for Georg Imlauer, as he himself started as an apprentice in 1977. The company is currently training 64 apprentices – in total, more than 600 apprentices have already completed their training within the IMLAUER Group. The high standard is regularly demonstrated by the apprentices’ top placings in state and national championships.

Familie IMLAUER bei der 25-Jahre-Jubiläumsfeier im Pitter Saal
Mitarbeiter*innen im Schriftzug IMLAUER aufgestellt

An evening for the employees

The 25th anniversary of the IMLAUER Group has now been celebrated with a party for the employees. And it wouldn’t be IMLAUER if this evening hadn’t started with a great team activity.

Equipped with flags from all over the world, everyone made their way to Markus-Sittikus-Straße next to the IMLAUER Hotel Pitter Salzburg and recreated the IMLAUER Group logo. After some instructions and arranging, a very symbolic image emerged: the employees as the heart and representatives of the company. Just like our guests, the IMLAUER team is multicultural and from a wide variety of nations.

Afterwards, everyone was able to enjoy the delicious IMLAUER cuisine under the gleaming chandeliers in the in-house PitterSaal. There were also festive speeches and awards for employees. Some of the honorees have been with the company since it was founded.

The evening’s special entertainment was provided by show acts with acrobatic feats and show waiters who mingled with the evening’s service staff, impressing with their very own style of service and teasing the laugh muscles.

After the end of the official part, the guests danced and celebrated together. A successful evening and a great anniversary!

Gedeckte und dekorierte Tische für die 25-Jahre-Jubiläumsfeier im Pitter Saal
Akrobatische Showeinlage bei der 25-Jahre-Jubiläumsfeier im Pitter Saal

Photo © seen by streb

Tanzeinlage bei der 25-Jahre-Jubiläumsfeier im Pitter Saal

Photo © seen by streb

Musikband bei der 25-Jahre-Jubiläumsfeier im Pitter Saal

Photo © seen by streb

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