Do you already know how to decorate your Christmas tree this year? Our little elf looks cute, is easy to make yourself and is also suitable for crafting with children.

What you need:

small cones

Wooden balls or beads (diameter approx. 2.5 cm)

Wooden beads (diameter approx. 6 mm)

Bell (diameter approx. 8 mm)

white craft felt & white sewing thread + needle

Cutter, black pen, scissors and glue (hot glue is best)

Here we go with the handicrafts…

Attach a large wooden ball or bead to the end of the peg. Hot glue or a craft glue is suitable for this. (It is not a problem if adhesive edges are visible)

Take one of the small beads, split it with a cutter and glue it to the center of the large ball. This is the gnome’s nose.

Now draw two eyes on the large ball. Now draw a template for the hat on the white felt, as shown in the picture. Cut out this part.


Sew the cut-out felt together at the long edges to create a pointed hat. Leave the upper end of the sewing thread a little longer. You can then attach the bells there perfectly and hang up the elf later.

Now glue the hat to the head and cut out thin strips from the felt. Cut the ends a little and the scarf is ready, which you simply tie around the gnome’s neck.

Do you find the gnomes just as cute as we do?

Have fun crafting!