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Fitness and exercise have become an integral part of our modern lifestyle. Sport and fitness in all its facets have also been an important part of Magdalen Weinzerl’s life since childhood.

From A for aerobics and J for judo to Y for yoga, she has familiarized herself with many types of sport and exercise over the course of her life and completed training courses. At the IMLAUER Hotel Schloss Pichlarn, she focuses on teaching Iyengar yoga as well as various workouts and training sessions on the fitness equipment.

Stay relaxed in everyday life

Treat your body to a little stretching every day to relieve tension. In everyday life, at work or with repetitive movements, shortening, pain or incorrect posture often occur in the body.

Take part in these three simple exercises with our yoga teacher and fitness trainer Magdalena.

Shoulder and upper arm stretch

Always start slowly and check with your doctor in advance whether the exercises are suitable for you.

Stand at the side of a wall. If you are standing with your left side facing the wall, stretch your left arm backwards and touch the wall with your hand. Now carefully push your upper body towards the wall until you feel a pleasant stretch in your arm. Hold for a few seconds and then repeat as desired. Repeat the exercise on the right side.

Open the chest

This exercise is perfect for people who work at a desk and are often in a bent-over position.

Sit upright on a chair and slide your buttocks all the way forward. Now stretch your arms back and interlock your fingers. Carefully pull your arms back and up until you feel a comfortable stretch again. Hold briefly and repeat.

A wonderful counter-movement to the usual sitting posture that opens and stretches your chest.

Hip opener and thigh stretcher

Assume the same starting position as in the last exercise and sit on the edge of a chair with your back straight. Now place one foot across the thigh of your second leg. Make sure that your foot is not resting directly on your knee.

Carefully bend your straight upper body forward and feel a pleasant stretch in your hips and thighs again. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

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