Hohensalzburg Fortress towers high above Salzburg and dominates the cityscape. But the Festungsberg is not the only elevation in and around Salzburg. They offer wonderful recreational areas and beautiful views of the city and its surroundings.

In this series, we introduce you to Salzburg’s local mountains, give you tips and tell you everything you need to know. Hike with us through Salzburg’s beautiful natural areas and experience this enchanting city from an uplifting perspective.

A special ascent

On the right-hand side of the old town, the 640-meter-high Kapuzinerberg rises up right next to the Salzach. The entrances to the Kapuzinerberg can be found in Linzer Gasse no. 14 and via the Imbergstiege in Steingasse. You can reach both from our Salzburg hotels in just a few minutes. The first climb is a little steep. Once at the top, however, it is a pleasant walk.

A Way of the Cross was built along the first ascent from Linzergasse as early as the 18th century. Ten small chapels and a large group of crosses display artistically high-quality groups of figures made of wood. The last of these chapels is located on the hill next to the Capuchin monastery.

Spiritual seat above the city

The monastery of the Capuchin monks has been located here for over 400 years and gave the mountain its name. Unfortunately, the monastery itself cannot be visited, but the church is open for services. Every Monday, however, cellist Ursina Maria Braun plays in the monastery church from 16:00. An impressive experience. The monastery garden is also open to visitors on fine weather days, every Saturday from 3.00 to 5.00 pm.

You should definitely visit the viewing platform in front of the monastery. Here you have a wonderful view of Salzburg’s old town and Hohensalzburg Fortress.

Experience nature and history

Anyone who takes the time to set out on one of the hiking and walking trails on the Kapuzinerberg will not be disappointed. Here you will find an extensive wooded area that offers views of the city time and again. Peace and nature in the middle of a big city.

Those who make it to the eastern end of the mountain will find the Franziskischlössl. It was originally built in the 17th century as a defensive structure under Archbishop Paris Lodron, who also had the building erected in which our hotel on Mirabellplatz is located.

Today, the Schlössl includes a restaurant with a guest garden and a store selling regional products. Here you can enjoy a wonderful view of the right-hand side of the Salzach as far as the Salzburg pilgrimage site of Maria Plain. A Christmas market is held in the guest garden every year during Advent.

By the way…

Did you know that the city’s three local mountains are hidden in the famous “Salzburger Nockerl” dessert? The sweet treat consists of three “Gupf”, which symbolize the Kapuzinerberg, Mönchsberg and Gaisberg.

Enjoy not only the fantastic natural areas that our local mountains have to offer, but also treat yourself to this light and airy dessert.