Running keeps you fit, clears your head and gives you new energy. That’s why running is the ideal balancing sport for many people. During your stay in Vienna, you don’t have to miss out on your favorite sport. Because Vienna offers many wonderful running routes.

We will show you running routes that you can easily reach from our hotels, IMLAUER Hotel Vienna and Hotel Nestroy Vienna. There is guaranteed to be something suitable for everyone.

So lace up your shoes and off you go!

If you don’t have much time

If you don’t have much time and want to take a quick stroll, the Augarten is the ideal place for you. Vienna’s oldest baroque garden offers plenty of space with over 50 hectares. Whether between generously laid out flowerbeds, through narrow avenues or around one of the two historic flak towers – the scenery is varied and worth seeing!

From our hotels, walk in the direction of Taborstraße and then turn right along Taborstraße to the subway station on the U2 line. Cross this intersection and you are already on Obere Augartenstraße. If you are already warmed up, you can start walking straight away and find the entrance to the park after a few minutes.

For a great Vienna feeling

If you want to enjoy the city while running, then you should do a lap of the Ring. The ring encloses the inner city. It leads past many magnificent buildings. Big advantage: you don’t have to cross roads on the Ring as often as on other routes through the city.

A good starting point is the “Schottenring” subway station, which you can reach from Taborstraße on the U2 line. Then walk against the direction of travel to the Old Stock Exchange, then on to Vienna University, City Hall and the Parliament. Here you walk right past the Volksgarten, where you can also take a stroll. Continue past the Natural History and Art History Museums and the Heroes’ Gate. Then comes the Burggarten and finally the State Opera.

If you’ve had enough now, you can take a shortcut by walking across the city via Kärntnerstraße, past St. Stephen’s Cathedral and through Rotenturmstraße. This route takes you directly to Schwedenplatz and from there you can return to the hotel. If you have enough energy, keep walking along the ring for about the same amount of time.

Lots of nature and plenty of space

Do you need plenty of nature and peace and quiet after a busy day? Then we suggest a tour of the Vienna Prater. Don’t worry, the Prater is not just roller coasters, autodromes and ghost trains. For the most part, the Vienna Prater comprises an extensive park that was once an imperial hunting ground. Around 6 km² are at your disposal here.

You can reach the Prater from our hotels on foot or by subway. Simply along Rotensterngasse, but this time in the direction of Nestroyplatz to the U1 subway line. Travel one stop to “Praterstern” and turn in the direction of “Prater”. If you want to warm up on foot, turn left at Nestroyplatz and walk along Praterstraße to Praterstern. You need to allow about 10 minutes for this.

The island is calling

Vienna’s Danube Island is perfect for those who need a more vacation feeling while running and want to see a piece of modern Vienna at the same time. The man-made island is 21.1 km long and up to 250 meters wide. Here you can also run a marathon undisturbed. The Danube Island is Vienna’s favorite leisure paradise and offers magnificent views of Vienna’s modern skyline around the UNO City.

Start again in the direction of Nestroyplatz and take the subway line U1. In three stops you are on the Danube Island and can set off straight away. The “Donauinsel” subway station is located roughly in the middle of the elongated island. So you can walk extensively in both directions and enjoy wonderful views of the city and the Viennese mountains and hills.