The scent of Christmas

We associate the Advent and Christmas season with many delicious scents. Capture your favorite scents in a homemade scented candle – for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones. We’ll show you how.

What you need:

Tin can & pot with water for heating

Heat-resistant glass for the candle

Candle wax & wick

Small stick for attaching the wick

Herbs, spices,…

Essential oils (suitable for candles)

Make your own scented candles

If you want to use leftover candles, you should first cut them into small pieces and remove the wick. We put the leftover candles/candle wax in a tin can. Add the rosemary, orange peel, essential oils or any herbs, spices etc. to the tin as desired.

Before heating the wax, place the wick in the empty glass and wrap the top end around a stick. This prevents it from falling into the wax.

Now place the full tin can in a pot of water and slowly melt the wax.

Now carefully pour the liquid wax into the glass.
Important tip: Do not fill the jar completely, but in layers. The individual layers must cool down well before we pour more wax on top. This prevents an indentation around the wick.

Finally, you can stick a label on the jar and decorate it with ribbons and small twigs.

Have fun trying them out, enjoying them or giving them as a gift!