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Georg Imlauer and his first attempt at the Hotel Pitter

In 1981, a young man who was due to take his final apprenticeship exam in Salzburg wanted to stay at the Hotel Pitter for one night. He came from the mountains and the journey was long and arduous. He wanted to arrive the day before so that he could get a good night’s sleep and cut a good figure at the exam. He had always been fascinated by the Hotel Pitter. The hotel porter frowned when he saw the young man with his small suitcase, but he gave him a room. However, when the man from the mountains saw the price for one night written on the room, namely 500 shillings, he went straight back downstairs and gave the key back to the porter. The porter said to him very kindly: “I immediately thought that this was nothing for you.”.

In the end, the man from the mountains got something after all. Georg Imlauer took over his Hotel Pitter in 2008 and has been writing the history of this traditional hotel ever since. After a 4-year renovation phase between 2014-2018, the Hotel der Salzburg shines in new splendor, attracting locals and guests from all over the world to the Pitter as it used to.

If you would like to find out more about the history of the “Hotel Pitter”, you can read about the historical development and eyewitness accounts in the chronicle “Das Pitter. From beer hall to luxury hotel”.

The IMLAUER Hotel Pitter Salzburg is constantly evolving, all information about the hotel offer, the unique Pitter Event Center and the excellent restaurants can be found at: IMLAUER Hotel Pitter Salzburg

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