The history of the hotel ranges from its beginnings as a beer hall to today’s luxury hotel, the IMLAUER Hotel Pitter Salzburg. The house has changed both form and owner several times. Whether it was a hotel room, a restaurant or a ball night, the focus was always on the guests who came from next door or from afar.

The history of the house and its owners has always been closely linked to the development of tourism in Salzburg. The construction of Salzburg Central Station and the Western Railway line from Vienna to Salzburg in 1860 was the starting signal for the success story of a building and an entire city.

The chronicle – A journey through the past

Two historians, DDr. Gerhard Ammerer and Dr. Harald Waitzbauer have researched the history of the Pitter and painstakingly collected facts and data. The result is a work that brings 150 years of history to life with the help of many documents and contemporary views. The Imlauer family wanted to record the history of the Pitter and leave it for posterity.

Numerous contemporary witnesses who worked in the Pitter, were guests here or grew up in the area around the Pitter were found in the course of the research. Personal stories from these contemporary witnesses complete the chronicle and provide a vivid insight into the Pitter and the people who met here.