Christian Tasch’s farm is located right at the foot of the mighty Grimmings with a wonderful view of the picturesque village of Pürgg. He has been breeding his highland cattle here for 30 years now.

At the IMLAUER Hotel Schloss Pichlarn, we are delighted to be working with him. It wasn’t just the high-quality and tasty meat of the highland cattle that convinced us. Christian Tasch’s attitude towards sustainability, species-appropriate animal husbandry and appreciation of nature also make him the ideal partner for us.

On lush meadows

His herd comprises around 30 cows, calves and oxen. Now in summer, only the mother cows and young calves graze around the farm. The rest of the herd is on the mountain pasture, right here on the Tauplitz. The stocky animals with their shaggy fur and long horns make a powerful impression.

Christian Tasch took over the farm in the 3rd generation and decided to go his own way. Breeding Highland cattle began as a hobby and he was one of the first in Austria to breed this breed of cattle. Today there are around 6000 head of highland cattle in Austria, many of them in Styria.

Sustainable animal husbandry

The Highland cattle breed originally developed in the northwest of Scotland and the offshore islands. The cattle are somewhat smaller and weigh around 600 kilos when fully grown. They are robust, durable and good-natured. The slow growth ensures that the meat of the animals is very fine-fibered and of high quality.

For Christian Tasch, highland cattle are an important part of his life. “The animals set the pace of life for us,” he says. You can tell from the very first moment that his animals are important to him. He proudly shows us a newly created pond. The young animals in particular use it for a refreshing bath on hot summer days.

The animals graze outdoors from spring to fall. In winter, the animals are housed in a spacious playpen and get their hay from our own meadows. Christian Tasch relies on organic pasture farming and is convinced of its value for his animals and nature.

High-quality organic meat

Christian Tasch runs his own butcher’s shop and slaughters his animals himself. Old traditions such as hanging slaughter and meat maturation are just as important to him as a stress-free death for the animals.

Just as he learned from his father and grandfather, all parts of the animal are processed. This is based not only on sustainable management, but also on respect for animals.

F&B Manager Gernot Peschek, Christian Tasch and Executive Chef Gottfried Prall