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The Niedermeier office building around 1905 © Niedermeier family


When fashion was still sold at the Hotel IMLAUER Salzburg

Before the Hotel IMLAUER Salzburg at Rainerstraße 12 was taken over by Georg and Ingrid Imlauer and converted into a hotel, the Niedermeier business premises were located there. An elegant department store, which was particularly known for dresses, blouses, lingerie and accessories. Under the management of Fritz and Grete Niedermeier, the company developed into one of the first fashion houses in Salzburg.

After the renovation in 1938, the large shop windows with fashion goods and groceries attracted locals and guests walking from the train station towards the city center to the premises of the store. Even after the Second World War, which left serious bomb damage in the Niedermeier House, the owners did not give up and the restaurant reopened in 1948. The premises of the fashion house not only provided excellent service to customers, but also regularly hosted fashion shows.

The Niedermeier office building after the conversion in 1938 © Niedermeier family

After the reopening in 1950 © Niedermeier family

The satisfaction of the workforce was particularly important to the Niedermeier family, and this cohesion was captured in a photograph taken in 1950. The photo album, which the employees gave to Mr. and Mrs. Niedermeier in 1950 and from which the pictures originate, also dates from this year.

Until 2000, the Niedermeier house was rented by the Quelle company, after which it was taken over by the Imlauer family and converted into the Hotel IMLAUER Salzburg.

Staff 1950 © Niedermeier family

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